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Resume Writing Tips to Impress Employers

The University's Career Centre offers free support to students looking to improve their résumés. CV360 is a free service, which provides the opportunity for all students to access immediate feedback on their résumé in a flexible and timely manner. It helps you to optimise your CV to be read by both humans and machines. Check it out here!

The WOSOC team has also put together our top tips for résumé writing to get you started!

Your Contact Details

Make sure you include your contact details clearly so recruiters know how to contact you. Your name, phone number and personal email address are important. You can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

The Importance of Formatting

The CV360 tool is great for guiding you when formatting your résumé! For example, it's important to create sections with headers, use consistent font and spacing, and use succinct bullet points.

Using Key Words from the Job Description

Incorporating key phrases and words from the job description is a great way to demonstrate your fit for a particular role. Look through the "qualifications", "responsibilities", or "skills" section for these key words.

Highlight Relevant Information

Make a good impression by prioritising important information and experience that is most relevant to the job for which you are applying. Using a reverse-chronological order for your experience can also help with this.

Proofread Your CV

Ensure that your spelling and grammar are correct throughout your entire CV, and use simple but professional language. A great technique is to use active language and action verbs that clarify your efforts and make your accomplishments stand out.

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